About Us


Roslin is a place where we do our best to care for and educate children of all ages.

None of the children at Roslin are adopted by us, and we also do not have any of the children up for adoption.  Although some children are orphaned, many actually have at least one living parent.  In most cases, the reason for sending a child to Roslin is because of extreme poverty.  Sadly, the circumstances are so dire that the only hope for the children’s survival is to live at Roslin.

Our goal is to educate the children to the highest education possible within our means. Whether it be in the classroom, on the farm, at a vocational school, or even university, we hope that they will one day be able to share their knowledge and skills with others, ideally in their hometown, leading the change that’s needed to break the cycle of poverty so prevalent here in West Timor.  

Regardless of what the children decide to do at the end of their education, our gift of love and support does not come with strings attached.  They do not owe us anything in return.

We do this because it is our heartfelt desire to show our love to those less fortunate, and to help end the crippling cycle of poverty in West Timor.  We treat each other as family, and it is our goal to see each and every one of our family members reach their fullest potential.
Nothing is impossible!  We appreciate your love and support always.


Budi & Peggy Soehardi and family



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