Stars in the making


This is the A Team, transforming our kids into stars!


It has been since November that we have not been updating our website. It was indeed a long time period without any updates but actually the orphanage has been very busy with so many preparations on efforts to make our children as stars on their own capacity.

Yes we were having a great Christmas and new year celebrations even though we celebrated in the very simple ways but to us it was the best celebration ever.  We were sharing the moments with the children on so many positive things and mostly on shaping up their future through their own capabilities on absorbing the values and vocational skills that have been shared to each of the children.

There wasn’t any special meals or extra spending on celebrating our Christmas and new years eve but a lengthy talks and a long prayers conducted by the chikldren them self . We were having few sticks of fireworks  but from the neighbors we were watching so many beautiful fireworks , Praise The Lord.

An update about the living lab that is being used to plant so many plants near the orphanage. From the living lab of one hectare we have been self sufficient of veggies for the last 6 months. Indeed 2015 has been a great year to all of us at Roslin. All efforts were paid off both on the children education progresses and on all of the plants which giving is good harvests. Praise The Lord. We will talk more about the plants on our next entry but lets share our happiness on the possibilities on making the children as stars now.

The idea came about when my family and our Singapore friends, Joyce Lim, Richard Tan, Desmond Sim, Clement Chow and Damien Lim,  trying to think about how to help out the less fortunate children including our “happy” children at Roslin Orphanage to have a better future. It was when our bro and sis from Singapore visited the dragon fruit farm in Jogja and when they saw whats inside the dragon fruit flower . Inside the dragon flowers were full with so many different insects and all were doing their own activities according to their needs ( collecting nectar or part of the food for the insects). At the end all insects were contributing on the flower/fruit polination. From there an idea came about by imagining the flower as a community with each insect’s characters as a play conducted by the children.

This idea is supported by Singapore International Foundation , Channel News Asia and Singapore’s Peranakan leaders which also art professionals.


For a month I did my best to train the children about the script which was written by Desmond Sim. It was seemed to be impossible to train the non English speaking children to do a play which all will be in English.  The time available to train the children to the actual day they will be performing is now less than 7 months.  It is not an easy task but we always believe that nothing is impossible. Today and for the last 3 weeks , the children have been trained by our 3 children , Christine, Tassya and Christian. Our tasks is to make sure that the children can understand the script and able to pronounce the wording correctly.  

For the actual stage activities ( performance) , we are so blessed that the children will be trained by Singapore’s top art professionals which professionally have been making show in Singapore and abroad.


Day and night training were conducted and the children are full of enthusiasm following the training for each of the training.









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